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Henry Bowers


(2011) KI12″07 / KICD05

12″ vinyl / CD / Whoa.nu-netplay

  1. Real Estate /beats: Kryptonite
  2. Can’t Cool Us feat. Elijah Guidance /beats: Kryptonite
  3. Swing Batter Batter Swing /beats: Kryptonite
  4. Where’s the Remote? /beats: DJ Lo-kut
  5. TV Overdose /beats: Johan Tilli (Lissi Dancefloor Disaster)
  6. On a Bad Day /beats: Spakur
  7. Practice Caution feat. Kid Colt /beats: Kryptonite
  8. A Tinkle for Your Thoughts feat. Noventa /beats: Noventa (Consensus Lo-Fi)
  9. Payday /beats: DJ Lo-kut
  10. Eternal Life feat. Mingus X-24th /beats: Cleast Intwood
  • Recording , mix & all scratch: DJ Lo-kut at The Monolith
  • Mastering: Magnus Lindberg at Tonteknik
  • Photos: Hill Fifty
  • Design: Choys, DJ Lo-kut & Henry Bowers
  • Overseen by Franz Kafka despite what others might think.

Exclusive Web Releases

Only here!
  1. Jag sköt barberaren /interpretation of Dr. Alimantado’s “I Killed The Barber” on Ali Baba riddim

These are songs exclusively released for free on www.henrybowers.com. Download the songs or stream them right from here!

Escape From Juniper Hills

(2009) KI12″06 / KICD04

12″ Double vinyl / CD

  1. Was It Wicked Of Me? /beats: Spakur & DJ Lo-kut
  2. Weather Forecast /beats: Henry Bowers, Rickard Jäverling & DJ Lo-kut
  3. My Scapegoat’s With Azazel /beats: Filthy
  4. I Like Darkness /sound design: DJ Lo-kut
  5. Ragdolls /beats: Spunk
  6. Four Is A Crowd /beats: Wikaros
  7. A Friendly Game Of Chess /beats: Kryptonite
  8. Ship Ahoy! /beats: Efrik
  9. Stories For Sale /beats: Kryptonite
  10. Rappin’ For Food /beats: DJ Large
  11. Secret feat. Séamus /beats: DJ Lo-kut
  12. Escape From Juniper Hills /beats: DJ Lo-kut
  13. School Of Thought feat. Ewok /beats: Nathan Redpath
  14. Greetings Mr. Hyde /beats: Kryptonite
  15. When Hell Freezes /sound design: DJ Lo-kut
  16. No Need To Respirate /beats: Mt.Mesh a.k.a Darkklark
  • Recorded and mixed by: DJ Lo-kut at The Monolith except “School of thought” recorded by: Nathan Redpath & Rory “The Jacob” Jacobs in Durban, South Africa
  • Mastered by: Carl Vikman at EAR studio
  • Photos by: Märta Thistner
  • Cover design by: Henrik Öhberg
  • Riot drum on “Four Is A Crowd”: Fredrik Aspelin
  • Backing vocals on “Greetings Mr. Hyde”: Emilia Maric & Martin Svenningsson
  • Backing vocals on “No Need To Respirate”: Emilia Maric
  • “Weather Forecast” Music: Henry Bowers & Rickard Jäverling
  • Beats & sound design: DJ Lo-kut
  • Banjo: Rickard Jäverling
  • Double bass: Emmanuel Åström
  • Accordion: Per Hellgren
  • Organ: Kaj Szyszkiewicz
  • Horns & melodica: Henry Bowers
  • Backing vocals: Emilia Maric

Rappin' for food EP

(2007) KI12″05 / KICD02

12″ Vinyl / CD Single

Side A

  1. Rappin’ for food
  2. These jaws
  3. Nature’s mathematics
  4. Rappin’ for food (a capella)

Side B

  1. Rappin’ for food (instrumental)
  2. These jaws (instrumental)
  3. Nature’s mathematics (instrumental)
  4. These jaws (a capella)
  • Recorded and Mixed by: DJ Lo-kut and Henry Bowers
  • Mastered by: Carl Vikman
  • All Lyrics: Henry Bowers
  • All music produced by: DJ Large
  • Glockenspiel on “These Jaws”: Rickard Jäverling
  • Cover design by: K. at www.hijackyourlife.com

Master Mind

(2004) KI12″04

12″ Vinyl / CD-R

Side A

  1. Wonderland and back /prod: Kryptonite
  2. All out of dogfood /prod: Galna co-produktioner
  3. Livingroom reflections /prod: Kryptonite
  4. How do you plead? /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  5. Swordplay /prod: Kryptonite

Side B

  1. Written on my forehead /prod: David Lundén
  2. My first lego construction /prod: Managern & Henry Bowers
  3. All those faces /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  4. Kid feat. AKEM & Saman Tha Fox /prod: Martin Skogehall
  5. Cutie pie /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  6. A bedtime story /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  • Recorded by: DJ Lo-kut and Henry Bowers at Studio Knaster
  • “Written on…” recorded by: David Lundén at Studio Strandgatan
  • Scratch by: DJ Lo-kut
  • Final mix & mastering: Carl Vikman at EAR studio
  • Photos by: Kaj Knutsson
  • Cover design by: Afshin Piran, DJ Lo-kut & Henry Bowers
  • Cover concept: Farbror Ribba
  • Cover model: Thatsanie Sieda
  • “All out of dogfood” Strings recorded by: Peter Waites
  • Cello: Isabel Pace-Soler
  • Double bass: Per Hellgren
  • String arr: Peter Waites & Peter Lindholm

Master mind (instrumental version)

(2004) KI12″04-I

12″ Vinyl

Side A

  1. Wonderland and back (instr.)
  2. All out of dogfood (instr.)
  3. Livingroom reflections (instr.)
  4. How do you plead? (instr.)
  5. Swordplay (instr.)

Side B

  1. Written on my forehead (instr.)
  2. My first lego construction (instr.)
  3. All those faces (instr.)
  4. Kid (instr.)
  5. Cutie pie (instr.)
  6. A bedtime story

Performing live for food

(2008) KIDVD01

DVD with liveperformance, with a repertoire of poetry and music from several of the old releases, but mainly from “Rappin’ for Food” and the latest album “Escape From Juniper Hills”. The DVD also contains the music video for the song “Rappin’ For Food” and extra material, with clips from South Africa.

Performing live for food

  1. All out of dogfood
  2. Livingroom reflections
  3. Was it wicked of me?
  4. I like darkness
  5. Rappin’ for food
  6. Ragdolls
  7. These jaws
  8. Det är inte roligt längre
  9. Stories for sale
  10. Vers från “this city”
  11. Written on my forehead

Rappin’ for food (musikvideo)


Ordsprak 2007:

  1. Das angst
  2. Secret
  3. Vingklippt
  4. All out of dogfood
  5. I like darkness
  6. Ship ahoy!
  7. Hissa flagg (hoist that rag)
  8. Dikt om samtiden
  9. Blue or red
  10. Stories for sale
  11. Smakar det så kostar det
  12. Skeppet i skyn (ship in the sky)
  13. Vers från ”this city”
  14. Weather forecast
  15. Jag sköt barberaren

Poetry africa festival 2006


Kung Henry (den värsta)

Pappa förtärde inferno

(2003) KI7″01

7″ vinyl

Side A

  1. Pappa förtärde inferno /prod: Filthy
  2. Kolsvarta gardiner /prod: DJ Lo-kut

Side B


  • Inspelad av: DJ Lo-kut & Kung Henry i Studio Knaster
  • Mastrad av: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio
  • Omslag av: Rick

Sophelikoptern (with Beatprophets)

(2003) KI7″02

7″ vinyl – OUT OF STOCK

Side A

  1. Sophelikoptern

Side B

  1. När det blåser i sahara
  2. Kanske lika bra
  • Inspelad & mixad i: Beatprophets studio
  • Sång på “Sophelikoptern” inspelad & mixad av: DJ Lo-kut i Studio Knaster
  • Omslag: Karl-Henrik Mattson www.hijackyourlife.com
  • Mastrad av: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio
  • Ett sammarbete mellan Kafkaotiska Inspelningar, Beatprophet Productions, P.I.M.P. & Uppsala nutidkultursförening


(2002) KI12″02

12″ Vinyl

Side A

  1. Vafan är det frågan om? /prod. Martin Skogehall
  2. Som saskia /prod. Galna co-produktioner
  3. Speldjävulen feat. johan byström och managern /prod. Galna co-produktioner
  4. Klockspel – andra ronden feat. fnojan och anders e. rudström /prod. Galna co-produktioner
  5. Den här låten är inte gjord för ert party /prod. DJ Lo-kut
  6. Hej Madeleine /prod. DJ Lo-kut

Side B


  • Galna co-produktioner är: DJ Lo-kut & Kung Henry
  • Inspelad av: DJ Lo-kut & Kung Henry i Studio Knaster
  • “Speldjävulen” är inspelad i samarbete med Martin Svenningsson & Johan Persson
  • Mastrad av: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio
  • Stora foton: Shaon Chakraborty
  • Små foton: Kaj Knutsson
  • Layout: Afshin Piran, Kung Henry & DJ Lo-kut

Experimentet som gick snett EP

(2001) KI12″01

12″ Vinyl

Side A

  1. Laboratoriet /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  2. Lägger bitarna på plats feat. Format /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  3. Legender /prod: Långa Skuggan
  4. Dansa med mej /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  5. Ordbrottas feat. dödfödd & johan zeitler /prod: Kevari

Side B

  1. Ordblind /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  2. Jämmerdalen /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  3. Lägger bitarna på plats (instr.)
  4. Legender (instr.)
  5. Laboratoriet (accap.)
  • Inspelat av: DJ Lo-kut & Kung Henry i Studio Knaster
  • I samarbete med: Johan Persson och Studio Tjock korv
  • Mastrad av: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio
  • Illustration: Kalle Mattson

Satan på gatan

(2000) KICD001


  1. Det är han (intro)
  2. Dansa med mej
  3. Ordblind
  4. Anarkisten feliks
  5. Satan på gatan (dom ljuger)
  6. Onde øjne dub
  7. Klockspel
  8. En ioförsej väldigt liten dub
  9. Ill connections (henry the dread)
  10. Vansinnium
  11. It’s henry isn’t it? (outro)

All produktion: Kung Henry
Förutom “Dansa med mej”, produktion av: DJ Lo-kut
Mastrad av: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio

Poeter blir dom...

Poeter blir dom...

(2004) KI12″04

12″ Vinyl / CD-R

Side A

  1. Första spåret /prod: DJ Lo-kut
    Kung Henry, Spakur, Glappkäft, Dag Thelander
  2. Har’u leg? /prod: Kryptonite
    Kung Henry, Spakur
  3. Önska /prod: DJ Lo-kut
    Spakur, Glappkäft, Kung Henry
  4. Poeter blir dom… /prod: DJ Lo-kut
    Dag Thelander
  5. Det är inte roligt längre /prod: Kryptonite
    Kung Henry

Side B

  1. Änglar utan ansikten /prod: Kryptonite
    Kryptonite, Glappkäft
  2. Det brinner i grannhuset /prod: Kryptonite
  3. Monster /prod: DJ Lo-kut
  4. Dansa eller dö /prod: DJ Lo-kut
    Spakur, Kung Henry
  5. Sista spåret /prod: Kryptonite
    Kung Henry, Kryptonite, Spakur, Glappkäft
  • Mixning, inspelning & scratch: DJ Lo-kut
  • Mastering: Carl Vikman i EAR Studio
  • Omslag: Poeter blir dom…



(1999) SAM CD 001


  1. Hannibal’s lecture
  2. Who am i to complain?
  3. By the time i get to arizona (Public Enemy cover)
  4. House of the sleeping sun (w. Kalle Wärngren)
  5. Revolution of realness
  6. ….zap…. (w. Kalle Wärngren)

Bonus track:

  1. The future of easy listening (performed by beta version and nils)