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These Jaws

beats: DJ Large
glockenspiel on: Rickard Jäverling

the object of our investigation is planet earth
and its ruling species that’s lately gone from bad to worse
see for yourself – yesterday they gave birth to families
and slaved in dirty factories – today they work on batteries
that are slowly running out as fate deserts humanity
but honestly who gives a fuck – they deserve the agony
these crazy jerks are after me with their paper work formalities
and on top of that all the major labels work with wack emcees
tell me now has any of you players – thugs and gangster peeps
got any naked girls to share with me?
if not – then your face’ll turn to gravel geek
fuck the one who gave the earth its gravity
I’m sick of trying to save the world from shattering
I failed my search for clarity and a greater personality
it’s not that I’m pessimistic – I just hate the word reality
I know your standards only show that I’m a misfit
but please get your ugly nose out of my business
look at me sideways – I don’t care what you like
fuck your stereotypes – they’re just too afraid and scared
to do what interferes with the pursuit of their career
still they all look so bored – sure they can do what they do
I spend my time on music – play station 2 and game cube
go ahead despise me – call me messed up and lazy
but I’m not impressed by the way that you stress like you’re crazy
I’ve got something to say and now’s the best time to say it

these jaws are made for talking and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these jaws are gonna talk with you – they surly do
the words will be stalking you and mocking you
following close behind into the dark with you
I’ve slept a while and kept my silence
now I break the ice in an awkward way of course
and these jaws are made for talking and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these jaws are gonna talk with you – thought you knew

waky waky rise and shine
but what the hell for when It’s just another morning
and boredom is eating through my passions in a brutal fashion
looking in my mirror is like a window to my past and
I’m riding in slow motion on a crazy horseback
today is just like yesterday and the day before that
I call for help and hope that someone maybe calls back
‘cause the day we call this life is the day we’re on crack
there’s something fishy ‘bout your way of life
with the pace of a ray of light – then it hits me and it’s clear to me
mister it appears to be contradictions in your theory
we’re supposed to work from 9 to 5 being tied up like goons
then let our television sets light up the room
and watch their commercials the entire afternoon
telling us to buy their food – their clothes and buy their perfume
but tell me when the fuck will we ever have time to consume?
I’m tired of you fools so as long as you’re supporting
or ignoring this disgrace I’ll be all up in your face
and if you thought I’d ever let you rest then you’re dead wrong
my plan is to beat you to death with your headphones
see right now I’m laughing but am I really glad?
maybe I am but will it last?
you look like you’re afraid that I’m gonna stab your silly ass
relax you little brat – I just wanna have a little chat

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