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music: Henry Bowers & Rickard Jäverling
beats and sound design: DJ Lo-kut
banjo: Rickard Jäverling
double bass: Emanuel Åström
accordion: Per Hellgren
organ: Kaj Szyszkiewicz
horns & melodica: Henry Bowers
backing vocals: Emilia Maric

I dress myself in thoughts
I can’t remember when this suit was warm
probably way back sometime before my shoes were torn
so many times I’ve tried to walk the line
and now my feet are blue
I spilled my guts over beats – nothing left for me to do
won’t write a happy song
until someone gives me a reason to
see life is cruel and mean
what’s the point of the pursuit of dreams
when the future seems only dreadful and stinking
and all I ever got was a head full of thinking
devils and demons are teaming up
with broken dreams and boredom
I’m tired of fighting this battle alone
please give me something that will rattle my bones
and also make me feel just safe and sound
like the bass from Meditative Sounds that shakes the ground
and to all my friends who’re still bombing with style
just want to let ‘em know
I’ll come back every once in a while
you can call me juvenile
and say you think I’m never growing up
but you don’t look a day over
drinking beer and throwing up

look clouds are gathering way up ahead
but we don’t worry now
‘cause we’ve got roof above our heads
at least we think so – maybe the future will show
that it’s weakening and leaking in – well soon we’ll know

some would say this game has gone too far
I kept aiming for the stars
I knew what I was playing from the start
the show is over now remains but the coldest part
the jury’s final verdict – who will win the golden heart?
and even if I fail it was worth every minute spent
can you blame me for dreaming? Tom says I’m innocent
been down this road and know it like the back of my hand
tell me to act like a man but damn I’ve got to find peace
and the bottom line is – I feel like shit – de ja vu
they say I must pay my dues
so they pepper spray my wounds
guess I’m a slow healer – used to be loud and proud
damn those were the days for now I’m just down and out
see life’s a dirty job – I’m not sure if I’m competent
and my heart’s on vacation on a different continent
I watched the train leave – it went rolling on it’s track
and there’s a strong possibility it won’t be coming back

I’m afraid it will be rain tonight
lightening strikes with all its might
sun and sky will soon be out of sight
right – there’s no use putting up a fight

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