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My Scapegoat’s With Azazel

beats: filthy

from childhoods hour I have not been
anyone but Bowers and turned rather mean
distracted by the way that they’re reacting – staring at me
pointing fingers like it’s show-and-tell – they can go to hell
why do they feed on mocking me?
they maybe find it too delicious
yesterday it made me sick, today I’m kind of rude and vicious
they try to calm me down by claiming I’m just too suspicious
but I know their every move
like Danish downers doing dishes
alienated from this world
‘cause since birth I’ve been dreamin’
my favourite playmates were my personal demons
I heard ‘em all screamin’ at the top of their lungs
in the oddest of tongues as they cursed human beings
I’m the meanest mutherfucker that you’ve seen in two shoes
maybe more like one and a half and the soles are all loose
still with a grin I pull you in like a tractor beam
but Azazel’s got my sins so my back is clean

I’ve done wrong – I’m strongly caught up in filth
my scapegoat’s with Azazel – I’m free from guilt
I’ve done dirt – I’ve hurt people – been rather mean
my scapegoat’s with Azazel – my back is clean

now do you really have the nerve
to call me crazy and confused
while you buy your innocence for forty acres and a mule
don’t really understand your part
but you’re just playing along
you think you know Henry Bowers but maybe you’re wrong
If you forget my name then you can call me Damien Thorn
a sick baby with horns since the day I was born
left my cradle at dawn – became the devil’s new recruit
with a halo ‘round each horn
spinning like some hula hoops
got one foot in the grave still I don’t fear a thing
and I have with me the truth they never cared to bring
the sad lullaby the angels never dared to sing
the kind of story that would shut ‘em up and tare their wings
guess they were deceived into believing we were evil – well
I guess it’s okay as long as they just keep it to themselves
but when they try to infiltrate our little grey cells
that’s when little devils go to heaven to raise hell

people of all species could you pay me your attention
I’m spreading evil deeds through galaxies of all dimensions
Henry Bowers isn’t famous
‘cause the name is causing tension
I’m now referred to as
“the man who’s name must not be mentioned”
understand why my manners are odd and disgraceful
I’ll show you who’s to blame – give my regards to Azazel
mistaken for forsaken
I’m just waitin’ here for Satan to awaken
then we’re makin’ sure there’ll be no more debatin’
surly all these gory stories left you all shook
but I looked ‘em all up in your crazy old book
still you’re calling me a bum
because my chin is far from shaven
getting sick of how you’re all behavin’ – call me raven
‘cause so gently I came tapping
and so faintly I came rapping at your chamber door
Henry Bowers – have you heard that name before?
see my person – it’s far worse than what you ever saw
and then your eyes’ll gaze upon this world nevermore

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