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beats: Spunk

wake up in the morning – take a peep out the window
got a tough choice to make – go back to sleep or Nintendo
everyday routine – unemployed eating donuts
with only one mission – that’s avoiding to grow up
figure out a way to give this day a funny content
spend all my time on music and all my money on rent
my favorite hobby is talking because talking is cheap
I’ve got an army of ragdolls marching with me
believe we’re on our way to stardom
we’re rushing so make way
haven’t seen a comb or a brush in a decade
disturbing the peace and breaking the order
a bit grumpy ‘cause my left shoe is taking in water
the most raggedy – well everybody knows it’s me
if I look fresh best believe I’ve got the clothes for free
leaving the fashion industry in catastrophe
because perfection’s rather boring if you’re asking me

I’ve got ragdolls marching with me
if you’re a worn out ragdoll join my army

now you’ve got nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
we’re striking back for each time
that you’ve thrown us aside
‘cause like this world some of us ragdolls were falling apart
doesn’t matter ‘cause you know I’ve got ‘em all in my heart
believe me in this pretty city with it’s foolish desires
ragdolls are the only ones I truly admire
just like so many other we’re pursuing our dreams
and most times I get the feeling that we’re moving upstream
don’t really like when people stare and just in case you dare
I cover my pretty face with tons of facial hair
people stop and talk to me even though I don’t know ‘em
they all seem to know my face but none of my poems
it’s been like this for years – still got the will to speak
people tend to point and stare like I’m the village freak
but no use trying to deny it because everybody knows
the most worn out ragdoll’s the one you loved the most

a pack of wild ragdolls – ain’t no taming y’all
some of them are night timers writing names on walls
some are old and I’ve known ‘em since the time of my birth
some are new and live on the other side of the earth
and some are hippies – at least they appear to be
I’ve got one who’s rather short and has a beard like me
some ragdolls making beats for my tracks and stuff
I’ve got one who plays the banjo and backs me upp
some who’s name would be famous if the time was right
a DJ with a crate full of dynamite
some of them were caged birds then they flew right out
I’ve got one who’s a painter and she moved down south
some heavy metal ragdolls – true sinners and screamers
I’ve got one who’s a beautiful innocent dreamer
and one who I write and play PS2 with
I swear I love ‘em all to death and have no reason to quit

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