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A Friendly Game Of Chess

beats: Kryptonite

okay.. here’s the deal
I’m an outsider – underground writer
I squeeze myself to death if my flow sounds tighter
but times have been brighter – soon I’m out of breath
set aside ‘cause I don’t sound like the rest
it ain’t no fun at all – it seems to be my fate to run and fall
and I hate you one and all – damn your eyes
I plan to rise and vandalize the culture you have standardized
and scandalized – maybe it’s no use but let me fantasize
I couldn’t just stand by – I had to try
see these rappers ain’t smart – they’re just acting all hard
but when you come with rhyme and reason
they be acting quite weird
my solution is – we settle this on black and white squares
so if I may suggest a friendly game of chess
may the best strategy win – now let the battle begin
and I’m betting my draws are much better than yours
now let’s set up the board and just settle the score

think for a while before you make your move
one blink of your eye is all it takes to loose
so try to set aside all the pain and stress
or take a rest – it’s just a friendly game of chess

you’re doomed as soon as the board is set
I’m foreseeing moves you haven’t thought of yet
yeah there are just so many open targets for me to hit
you call my queen a bitch – I call your queen Elizabeth
damn! what a fight – got your knight caught between my rock
and a hard place – these are dark days for your kingdom
I’ll bring them to hell and then some
I’m sorry but your pawns
ain’t gonna live to see another dawn
you need to think for a while and better think correct
woo hah!! I’ve got your king in check
all cornered and I’m sorry but his fate is kind of mean
‘cause any minute now he’ll be mated by my queen
this is my payback for all the days that
I’ve been held back – fell flat on the ground
but I’m now back up – trying to clean my act up
thought I better work on my image
in search for some gimmicks
I tried howling at the moon – it didn’t feel right
hell I just ended up yodeling at the streetlight
I shouldn’t let it stop me – ain’t that kind of quitter
no – but I’m just bitter – sell my soul to the highest bidder
sorry Satan you’re too cheap
I sold it to Sandman in exchange for eternal sleep
no biggie really – no one ever heard a peep
anyway of what I had to say – dirty creeps

and now you’re probably doubting that someone as sloppy
as me could be a Master Mind of cunning and logic
but I’ll make it obvious – don’t look so shook
no here’s my notebook – better take a close look
at the words that I’m scribbling
and tell me if you’re feeling ‘em
they form the shadows of a nation of millions
and those’ll be the silhouettes I’ll kill you with
tell me are you still a bit skeptical or have we gotten rid of it?
It started as a friendly chess game
then it all ended up in deadly chest pains
many more suffer the same fate
something’s really wrong with their game play
wouldn’t you say so? – yes y’all!
there’s a new pawn on the chessboard
put there to test your strategy out on the battlefield
there’s a new rabbit in the hat – who would rather lay back
then to follow your commands – magic man
I found out the best way to finish you assholes
rhymes on small paper put into some capsules
so take two of these and tell your mother
to call me when she’s mourning
and tell me which side to put the thorn in
it’s okay you cannot win ‘em all I’m afraid
you gave it your best shot but got hit by the ricochet
and I’m sorry but I think it really punched your lights out
defeated ‘cause right now your king lies down


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