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Ship Ahoy!

beats: Efrik
sound design: DJ Lo-kut

ship ahoy!
captain Evil Eye was never destined for the pearly gates
that’s a shame of course – became an orphan at an early age
raised by sailors – faced his failures always took a second try
with all his fear tossed aside he lost his right leg and eye
he came from nothing yet he craved it all
saw many brave men fall and he made ‘em crawl
he promised himself that he wouldn’t beg
he swore it on his black flag and his wooden leg
better not cross paths with this man – use common sense
infamous in both Port Royal and New Providence
when he appears then it’s clear – you shut up and beware
the most feared buccaneer in this hemisphere
he ruled the ports without too much thought or scrutiny
and he liked his crew despite their few attempts at mutiny
sure you shouldn’t judge a man by his looks
but please believe me
just like covers of books crooks with hooks can be deceiving

a tired old pirate fires up his final cannon
shoots a salute to a future never granted
his pride would never fail him yet his manners might
the ship is leaking in and there’s no land in sight

to let cowardness bring shame upon his name’s
the only thing he fears
roars of dead pirates keep ringing in his ears
the fleet finally caught up with him – a battle was fought
of course he slayed his enemies but it was sadly for naught
as the waves pound his pearl
he hears a squeaking and a creek
guess his ship took a beating and she’s leaking as we speak
there’ll be no sixteen men on this dead man’s chest
buried with him at the bottom where his head shall rest
that’s the way life goes – he knows that time is near
despite the patch on his right eye his sight is clear
inevitable destiny – no use to cry or pray
small talking with his parrot – name’s Lucy by the way
it comes as no big surprise – he had a hunch and a notion
that after the commotion he’d be one with the ocean
that’s the end of the tale – he knows it’s probably not far
put a shell to your ear and hear his “hardy har har!”

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