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School Of Thought

beats: Nathan Redpath & Rory “The Jacob” Jacobs
guest rap: Creamy Ewok Baggends
banjo: Rickard Jäverling
keys: Magdalena Konefal
scratch: DJ Khim

Well we got plenty more where this is coming from
and we get plenty raw before this thing is done
and we get you singing to this sing-a-long-song
‘cause when song sung to then sound sounding strong
It’s that one-and-two tight unfightable
oh yes boy with his regular critical syllables
gave birth to my style so I know it isn’t killable
flows overflowing even though I’m unfillable
So what?  So why try defeat?
stay loyal to the beat – on the beat I’ll never cheat
if the beat cheats on me I’ll forgive and forget
‘cause I never met a beat that would betray me yet
this place is kept secret to the outside world
an academy for strategies to shout out words
now boys and girls – time for you to start facing your fears
and if you’re smart enough to find us
there’s a place for you here

well it’s a school of thought ‘cause thought should be taught
it’s a captive crowd ‘cause crowds should be caught
it’s a tangled web ‘cause it’s too tight to fight
and it’s a cold day in hell when the shade is too bright

my black and white brain’s saying grey doesn’t matter
when I stand up and out and watch the rest of them scatter
cheese emcees fall like leaves from dead trees
extremely diseased – heads crack on impact
face the facts – the fact is you’re faceless
you got no flavour because your act is tasteless
lack lyrics let loose your useless tactics
I’ve heard less pop in a flattened air mattress
call yourself hip-hop because you bounce to beats
even if it was contagious you still couldn’t catch this sickness
rip this from out the ground
taking all y’all higher with a low down sound
Durban remains insane rugged and raw
when we in you deep we get you quickly screaming for more
offer us the world, your diamonds pearls and cash
‘cause we’re a valuable essence like DP hash
the headmasters the Bowers and the Ewok equation
and we take you back to school for a proper education

thoughts are worth more than pennies
choose to use ‘em with care
spare some time to find some peace of mind
unwind if you dare
now if you gather ‘round me children
there’s a story to be told
about old bold hoboes who won’t sell their souls for gold
it’s not as easy as it seems – they keep teasing us with dreams
of ways of getting rich quick
through dirty tricks and schemes
see nowadays fame’s a sport
and parts of your brains are bought
and I’m sitting here thinking while trying to keep linking
together my chain of thoughts
and let it run through my heart – trying to undo the scars
inflicted by all of these addictions
under the sun, moon and stars
so yeah I do support a school of thought
‘cause fools are caught up easily in stupidity fitted to rid us
of what we’ve got left of our integrity
so keep fighting ignorance
with bricks, sticks, stones and rocks
and with determination comparable to Joan of Arc’s
and with my hand on my heart like Napoleon Bonaparte
I can sure as hell assure you that it will be blown apart

class in session – just a little lyrical lesson
to leave an impression on the track
‘cause tracks should leave an impression
so we vented and dented the path of your mind
with a rhyme that will symbolise a new space in time
we undermine the state of mind that they’ve designed
to keep us all in line – redefine the definition of sound
we climb to reach a higher ground
and make the masters pissed
make sure to do your homework – now class dismissed

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