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Escape From Juniper Hills

beats: DJ Lo-kut

the world has a new name – read the news
the name stands for two options and you’re free to choose
to be a drugged out loony or a loony that feels
pure pain and the name is Juniper Hills
we’re walking ‘round – heads in the clouds
stop jerking around we’re held down
the medication’s not working
when the drug wears off you’ll wake up back here again
still a mental patient – a part of their experiment
that is why I barricade myself inside my cell
and they be banging on my door like
“what’s the matter child? let us in we have medicine
that will make you laugh and smile though you’re sad inside”
fuck that I’d rather die
but I’m a smart son of a gun – I put your pill under my tongue
then I hurled and spat when you turned your backs
and I begun to pretend to be sedated then a fake
“what have you done?” and if revenge is sweet
I’ll be the sweetest one under the sun – now listen to me
see your company just ain’t what I wish it would be
I’m hearing voices and they whisper to me
that there’s plenty other fish in the sea
so may I please have your permission to leave

straight jacket – or do you prefer pills?
a lifelong vacation at Juniper Hills
I can hear my bones rattle as I shatter and break
I’m here talking to the moon as I plan my escape

sure I may be sick but tell me how am I supposed to rehabilitate locked in a facility all filled with hate
I keep to myself – I won’t engage in conversations
that I can avoid – certainly, y’all can call me paranoid
but I refuse to move though I do need exercise
see I’m truly petrified ‘cause my room’s electrified
and the floor is kind of wet there’s a devil posted
by the door beside my bed and I’m feeling suicidal
there’s a war inside my head – I’m their human guinea pig
but I’ll win my freedom back and I’ll win it big
I spend my days daydreaming ‘bout a friendly face
when this place has finally been turned into ashes
my guess is no one will really miss it anyway
strike the matches – once and for all get rid of this madness
still those fascists try to justify their actions by claiming
“in fact it’s freedom we practice – choose straight jacket…”

so fellow patients or should I say inmates
it’s been great knowing you but now I’m going to
have to say goodbye I’m afraid – or else I’ll die in this place
it has truly wiped the smile off my face
my mental health is in the gutter but I breathe still
my body is the ruin of a temple – time to rebuild
“it’s never too late to begin” but time is trying to do me in
how long has it been they got me sitting in the loony bin?
I’ve got to get out but that thought was thought before
I better take out all supporting walls
and I’ll stand and watch all your glory fall
just like that I’ma strike back
yeah I’ll be walking ‘round taking names
and I’ll decide who to free and who to blame
everybody won’t be treated all the same
lock my aim as I stalk my prey
mother tell your children not to walk my way
or they’ll wind up confused and locked in institutions
your teens will be filled with morphine
walking ‘round practically dead or simply strapped to a bed
with electronic devices attached to their heads
and you’ll only stay safe until the cage breaks
and I’m afraid it’ll soon take place – in a few minutes
soon finished with this great escape plan of mine
signing out – Henry Bowers – a.k.a. Master Mind

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