The TV OD LP avaliable on Vinyl and CD!

Finally, The long awaited release of the 12″ vinyl and CD versions of The TV OD LP ┬áis upon you! We will put it into the webshop extremely soon, so everybody that has been eagerly waiting for the discs can get theirs! You can buy the records directly from us here or when we perform on stage, or wherever else good music is sold.

UPDATE: Now, you can place an order in our web-shop, so get your cards/paypal-accounts out and go nuts in there! Sorry for the delay, but rap music moguls have to sleep to.

The 12″ vinyl version of The TV OD LP is a limited release of 250 copies. We don’t really know if they are going go fast or not, so if you really want the vinyl, it’s probably smart to not wait too long.