KOTD video flyer (UPDATES)

Henry Bowers is going to Canada to battle King of The Dot’s World Domination 2, and battle Chedda Cheese! The event is going to be held at Club XS 5-6 in Toronto, and Henry will battle Chedda the 6th.

Also, Henry Bowers & DJ Lo-kut are going to perform a live show the 7th!


But it doesn’t stop here! Henry will also battle O’Shea and Syco together with Step Easy! That’s at the Ground Zero event at the 7th.

Concerning acts of terror in Norway

I express my deepest sympathy with those affected by yesterday’s atrocities at Utöya, Norway. I myself have on several occasions performed at similar gatherings of young activists in the labor movement. It is absolutely insane that anyone can execute this kind of politically motivated terror in general and against young people in particular. My thoughts and sympathies are with the victims and their relatives.

/Henry Bowers

The TV OD LP up on Spotify, iTunes and others

The TV OD LP is now up on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Napster and a bunch of other places where you can stream and/or buy the record.
This is all thanks to Recordunion, who also chose to make Henry Bowers one of their Union Spotlight artists! Thank you Recordunion!

Henry & PJ vs Charron & Loe Pesci @ O-zone

Okay, it’s getting a bit ridiculous with all the video updates, but here’s the tag-team battle that Henry did together with PJ against canadian battlers Charron and Loe Pesci (known from KOTD) at the o-zone battles 28/5 at Mejeriet. Main camera filmed by DJ Lo-kut none the less!

Battle of the Beards @ the Basementality Battles

Upcoming O-zone battle!

It’s time for yet another O-zone battle, now at Mejeriet in Lund! This time Henry will team up with PJ and go against Charron and a undisclosed battle rapper, known from the canadian battle leauge King Of The Dot.

Our friend Spakur will do his second rap battle, this time it’s him vs Pzi-clone.

Other battles are:
O-hund & Mr. Cool vs Acke & Nicko Mack
Martin Zamora vs Jimmy Pistol
Grizzly vs Nomad
Mister Tom vs Dimorf Metrik
Michael Crackson vs Sabotage

O-zone: Henry vs R-man. The video is up!

Here we go!

Henry Bowers is back, this time in laser sharp full 1080p HD!

So there it is, the new and long awaited 9th release of Henry Bowers is available for all to download for free at www.whoa.nu!

Kafkaotiska Inspelningar presents in cooperation with Whoa the web release of Henry Bowers long awaited new album “The TV OD LP“. The album is being released right now on www.whoa.nu for free download and later on CD, vinyl and video streaming.

Henry Bowers has through his long discography always chosen to go his own way, creating original and profound music. This album mark new ground covered among the many styles he has covered so far. This album is, compared to the previous release, has a much more electronic and upbeat sound. At a time when more and more hip-hop artists are embracing the super commercial and glitzy electronic sound, Henry has opted for a heavier, dirtier and meaner approach that is reflected in songs like “TV Overdose” and the dubstep-influenced “Swing Batter Batter Swing”, which was recently released as a music video.

If Henry Bowers last ablum, “Escape from Juniper Hills” (2009) looked inwards, was poetic and personal, “The TV OD LP” is outward-looking, with plenty of humor and clever punchlines combined with straight political messages. The album is an explosion of references to TV, movies, comics, video games and green-painted baseball warriors.
Life as a full time rapper has invited Henry to much spare time, which he has filled with the subject matter that inspired the album. On the cover, you can see Henry in a post-apocalyptic landscape carrying the only thing he saved from destruction, the beloved television he grew up with.

Henry Bowers has quickly come up to a level where he is considered one of Sweden’s greatest battle rapper, and has been featured in international contexts (eg the Don’t Flop battle against Stowaway).  “The TV OD LP” also has international presence, with rapper and beatmaker Noventa from the group Consensus Lo-Fi from France, rapper Mingus X-24th from South Africa and Cleast Intwood from Germany who made the beat to “Eternal Life”.

© & ℗ Kafkaotiska Inspelningar 2011

Swing Batter Batter Swing, new video out!

The official music video for the song Swing Batter Batter Swing is here! This is the first video from the forthcoming album The TV OD LP, which will be released April 24 by Kafkaotiska Inspelningar in collaboration with Whoa.nu, where it will be avaliable for free download. It will also be avaliable on Vinyl, CD and streaming.

This video is a homage to the movie The Warriors from 1979. The video is directed by Hill Fifty who among other things has made the video for “Jacksonian March” by the rapper Follow Him To The End Of The Desert, who in this video has the role of Henry’s nemesis.

The video is shot with a RED One-camera, the same camera used on blockbusters such as The Social Network, the Che-movies, District 9 etc.

The music production is made by Henry’s loyal beat-provider Kryptonite, and the partner in crime DJ Lo-kut cuts up the wax.

UPDATE here are some behind the scenes-photos:

Henry Bowers vs Dirtbag Dan at Basemtality Battles

Henry Bowers goes against Dirtbag Dan from the Bay Area, USA, at Basementality Battles which will be held at Nurnberghuset, Mariatorget, Stockholm.

Spakur will be there to battle too! He goes up against Nicko Mack.

Other Battles are:
Cruger/Eurgh vs Shazaam/Nils m. Skills
Armin (Yekonim) vs Bildspråk
Kalle Balik vs Kallebalik