Big youtube update!

We’ve been really lazy with the updates around here lately, but here’s a whole bunch of stuff that has happened since last time. This is Henry’s battle against Dizaster from the US, at Basementality Battles:

And here are Henry’s battle against Enlish from Blood in the Water 5 in the UK and yet another battle from World Domination 2 in Canada:

Also, check out the new song Avtryck by SmoJo featuring Henry, from Indianen – Dimhöljet vol. 2. And here’s an interview with Henry from Blood in the Water 5, by norwegian Platform TV.

Henry Bowers vs Dizaster (US) @ Basementality Battles

Dizaster from the US makes his second battle appearance in Sweden and Basementality Battles, and this time he battles Henry.

The event is held at Fashing in Stockholm the 27th November, and there will of course be a buch of other nice battles:

Nick Mack vs Armin
Gustav Fasa & Skrytmåns vs Nasty & Vanessa Marko
Kurt Kodein vs Kalle Balik
Dödsmaskinen vs Mandalaten

Our good friends Professor P & DJ Akilles will perform live!

UPDATE: Henry and Diz talks about the battle on the radio!

Henry Bowers vs Enlish @ Don’t Flop – Blood in the water 5 (UK)

Henry will battle Enlish at Don’t Flop‘s (UK) Blood in the water 5, at the second day of the event, 20th November.

The Event is held in London, and Shazaam will also represent sweden in this international battle.

Henry vs Sabotage @ O-zone (promo)

Henry and Sabotage battled for O-zone battles at the Xpand Your Style-festival in Gävle 10th of September, this is what it looked like. The battle was filmed by none other than DJ Lo-kut!

This was a promo battle, so no winner was chosen, but have your say about who won at youtube, whoa.nu, facebook, or whatever.


Henry Bowers at Nalen and XOVP!

Henry Bowers & DJ Lo-kut are going to perform at very late booked gig, at Nalen in Stockholm at the club XOVP, they play dubstep. drum’n’bass, hip-hop and whatnot… Go to the facebook-event and invite all your friends!

Apart from us, Songs For Women ( Leo & Saba) and Cristian Dinamarca are going to perfom live sets and Torqux, Subsonic, Corpse Dead and a whole bunch of other people will dj!

Henry Bowers is Battler of the Year in Basementality

At Basmentalitys one-year anniversary at Fashing last sunday, there were a bunch of nice battles, among others Spakur & Osvensk Tiger vs Aggro & Obnoxious (check that one out when it’s released!). Also, Critical and the crew decided to give out Basementality-awards. Nicko Mack got punchline of the year, Kalle Balik got best newcomer and Henry got the “battler of the year”-award!


Henry vs Chedda Cheese at WD2 (KOTD)

It’s finally here! The epic battle with Henry vs Chedda Cheese from KOTD‘s World Domination 2 event that went down the 6th of August in Toronto, Canada which Henry, of course, won! Follow the link to see the video.

Discuss the battle at whoa.nu (swedish) or rapmusic.com (english), vote about it on basmentality.

TV Overdose video!

The official music video for the song “TV Overdose” by Henry Bowers (aka Kung Henry) is out now! This is the second video from “The TV OD LP”, which was released on April 24 by Kafkaotiska Inspelningar in collaboration with Whoa.nu, for free download.

As of the release of this video the album is also available on 12″ Vinyl and CD, and is of course also available for streaming.

The video is created by Andreas von Kern & Erik Andersson at Rooster Films and the beat for the song is by Johan Tilli (Lissi Dancefloor Disaster). As usual, the cuts are laid down by DJ Lo-kut.

The TV OD LP avaliable on Vinyl and CD!

Finally, The long awaited release of the 12″ vinyl and CD versions of The TV OD LP  is upon you! We will put it into the webshop extremely soon, so everybody that has been eagerly waiting for the discs can get theirs! You can buy the records directly from us here or when we perform on stage, or wherever else good music is sold.

UPDATE: Now, you can place an order in our web-shop, so get your cards/paypal-accounts out and go nuts in there! Sorry for the delay, but rap music moguls have to sleep to.

The 12″ vinyl version of The TV OD LP is a limited release of 250 copies. We don’t really know if they are going go fast or not, so if you really want the vinyl, it’s probably smart to not wait too long.

Henry vs Simon G @ Basementality Battles

Yes, the battle against Simon G (rapper, cartoonist, etc) is out! This battle took place at the Basementality (go there and vote!) event at the Peace & Love-festival at saturday the 2nd of July.